The disturbing teen challenge where "the most injured person wins".

There are fresh warnings over the eraser challenge which is gaining popularity on social media, according to US media outlets.

Several students from a school in North Carolina have been hurt from the challenge, which was also known as the ABC game.

In the game, kids dare each other to rub an eraser on their skin while reciting the alphabet. The most injured person wins.

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A US high school has warned parents to be on the lookout for burn marks because the game is back in fashion with students.

Photos of the results have crossed the globe on social media accounts.

Alongside bragging posts on social media accounts, some children have warned others about the dangers of the game.


Some burns have reportedly left participants with permanent scarring.

In one YouTube video, an anonymous child warns: “Don’t do the eraser challenge.”

“The eraser challenge is bad. It makes you bleed,” he adds.

“I hate this challenge, I am so stupid.”


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One parent told TODAY: “It seems like there’s this bravado in it, there’s this easy accessibility… when you’re thinking about the social dynamics of children trying to belong, trying to get attention and show strength, it isn’t that surprising.”

Have your kids been playing the eraser challenge?

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