Big news for every woman old enough to remember A Country Practice.

If you’re a fan of one of A Country Practice and currently looking for a tree change, we have some bloody good news for you: 23 Clare Crescent, Oakville is officially on the market.

If that address isn’t exactly ringing any bells, though, let us explain: the outside of the home within the property, Clare House, is better known as Wandin Valley Hospital, the rural digs known to more than eight million Australians who watched and loved the iconic medical drama, A Country Practice between 1981 and 1993.

wandin valley hospital
The real Wandin Valley Hospital. Source: Hamish Rogers Realty.

The place where we fell in love with Molly, Terrence, Frank and Shirley, and even Nicole Kidman.

But don't be fooled by its television persona, the Oakville property, which consists of 2.5 acres, sits only an hour outside of Sydney and is close to the Hawkesbury River.

Sadly, Fatso the wombat is not included in the sale.

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According to Wendy Phillips, the real estate agent tasked with selling the property this September, interest is already strong for the well-known abode.

“It’s quite funny the number of people who are now walking past it and looking at it,” Phillips told realestate.com.au earlier this week.

“We’ve had quite a few emails because it is a bit different, and it is interesting … the grounds and the stables are just ridiculously beautiful.”

wandin valley hospital
A Country Practice. Source: Channel 10.

Built in 1828, the home has had just eight owners throughout its long history and now consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two car spaces, multiple living spaces, landscaped gardens, a pool, horse stables, a dressage arena, and an industrial-sized work shed.

Sounds pretty idyllic to us, really.

As for how much this slice of Australian television heaven will cost, estimates are currently set at between $2 to $3 million. But what will actually happen come auction day is anyone's guess.