Can we just make Waleed Aly Prime Minister already?

ATT: Australia.

Over the weekend Fairfax reported that an early federal election could be on the cards.

According to TWO of Abbott’s cabinet ministers we might be getting pissed and eating sausages exercising our democratic rights as early as March of next year… so we need to get organised.


I think we can all agree that there is one clear choice for Prime Minister of Australia and that, dear friends, is Waleed Aly.


Week after week, it’s ‘Aly just nailed’ this, watch his ‘glorious smack-down’ of that, watch him ‘tear [insert political idiocy] to shreds’.

I say we just go the whole hog and put him in charge already.

Unfortunately in Australia there’s a little thing called the Westminster system that prevents us from electing a leader purely by popular vote, so he’d have to join on of the major parties, which, let’s face it, is a bit of a bummer.

But putting ‘practicality’ (pfffff) to one side for a moment, I googled ‘How to become Prime Minister of Australia’ and Aly actually ticks the three main boxes. SO THERE WESTMINSTER.

Apparently, it helps if you’re male (of course it does), if you’re born here (he was born in Melbourne), and if you have a law degree (he has a law degree AND an engineering degree- show off).

Aly has already had an impressive career as a human rights lawyer, journalist and social commentator.

In his current role as the host of The Project, the public have had the pleasure of watching him deliver his clear-minded take on politics every night of the week.

High-five, Prime Minister.

In the past few months he’s tackled issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, climate change, refugees, racism and marriage equality.


He has taken a stand on behalf of victims of abuse, asylum seekers, the environment and indigenous Australians and taken down countless politicians.

Aly has unpicked topics like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (it’s evil, just FYI) and explained the recent royal commission into trade unions in simple terms.

He is also really good at jokes (which is more than I can say for Bill ‘Zinger’ Shorten).

Remember when he killed the Tooth Fairy? Or when The Age accidentally ran a picture of comedian Nazeem Hussain next to his name and he did this?

Just imagine if we had a PM we could laugh with instead of at

And as if those weren’t solid enough credentials to elect someone to Parliament, Aly is also in a band called Robot Child. That’s right, a band.

He’s ready to play politics.

Australia, the choice is clear. Our politicians have let us down so it’s time to look for a new political hero- and what better place to look than prime time television? I say we get him pre-selected and just go from there, yeah?

Maybe we can get Charlie Pickering on board as well and they can tag team their smack-downs in the Lower House?

Cool, glad we all agree. Let’s do this.


Australia is Gotham in this scenario.