PROOF: You didn't miss your delivery... The deliveryman didn't even try.

“We’re sorry we missed you…”

This is for all the times you’ve been left waiting by the door, cancelled plans, or kept your little ones under house-arrest, while waiting for a special letter or a romantic package from Asos your lover.

You know how it goes, you wait, and wait and wait, only to find that little slip on your doorstep -“Sorry we missed you.”

Missed me? I’ve been here the whole time!

Well, here is the proof: They didn’t miss you. They didn’t really try.

Check it out:

Video via Julie Salama

This footage belongs to Ms Julia Salama, who after a day of waiting at home for a package, was shocked to find a note slipped under her door, stating she had missed her delivery.

How is that possible?

Ms Salama has CCTV installed at her home.  She reviewed the footage and discovered what can only be described as a rather lackluster attempt at parcel delivery.

(Image: Supplied)

The delivery man walks from his car, slips the note under the door, walks back to his car and drives off. No doorbell ringing. No knocking.

“I was just so frustrated, he didn’t even have a parcel under his arm,” Ms Salama told

Slip in hand, Ms Salama put her three children in the car and drove to the local post office, where she waited 40 minutes to receive her package because the truck was not back with the package.

She later attempted to complain through Star Track and Australia Post, but the result was a lot of back and forth and a lot of ‘not our fault.’

Ms Salama and her kids (Image: Supplied)

But Ms Salama told Mamamia she did receive an apology from the delivery man.

“The post guy came back today and apologised,” she said.

The postie has previously delivered packages to the address, and it seems he had become a little too comfortable in the routine.”He said he could tell whenever I was home because there would be a ute in the driveway. But I park my car in the garage so he shouldn’t have assumed that no one was home if there was no car.”

“But he apologised and  explained all the other times he…tried to help me out when he could.”