Wait, what? Freaky women who dress like dolls

The Internet is home to many creepy things you can never un-see. Right now, it's the breeding ground for a bizarre craze in which women (and a man or two) show off the results of their attempts — through dramatic plastic surgery, makeup and other methods — to look just like human Barbies or porcelain dolls.

And wouldn't you know? Some are gathering huge followings on social media or YouTube pages with their video beauty tutorials. Many followers are fans legitimately interested in emulating the living dolls' looks — and others gawk for the same reason you probably can't look away right now.

Here we bring you some of the most unbelievable living doll photos we've seen. It's downright baffling. You've been warned.

Valeria Lukyanova

We are trying to figure out how Ukraine's Valeria Lukyanova walks without falling over, but we figure her left hand is propping her up out of frame.

Dakota Rose

Dakota Rose has more than 77,000 Twitter followers — plus a YouTube channel with tutorials on how anyone interested can emulate her style.

Venus Angelic

Here's what Venus Angelic wants you to know about her, per her website: "My sparkling personality, my voice and my me exists only once in this entire universe." We think that's probably true.

Olga Oleynik

We're glad Olga Oleynik is sitting down in these shots, because it seems like falling over every time she stands up would be a real risk and that makes us nervous.

Anastasiya Shpagina

Ukraine's Anastasiya Shpagina has close to 100,000 Facebook followers, including many who gush over her porcelain good looks in the photo comments.

Justin Jedlica

Oh yes, there's at least one Ken doll to go with all these Barbies: New York's Justin Jedlica credits a fascination with the lives of celebs like Michael Jackson and Donald Trump for his desire to transform his looks this way (presented without further comment).

Alesandra Dubin is a contributing writer on iVillage and founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Google+ and Twitter.