The criticism of Jessie J and Delta Goodrem's outfits went too far.

If there’s one thing about Australian reality TV that we can take pretty much for granted by now, it’s that the judges on The Voice just cannot get their outfits right.

In the eyes of the viewing public, at least.

On tonight’s episode of “What Delta and Jessie J Wore (And Some People Sang Too I Guess)”, critics were shocked by Jessie J’s skimpy leotard with cutouts and alarmed by Delta’s drop crotch leather pants.

Watch the video with the offending outfits here:

Video via Channel 9

“Jessie J, come on, I understand you’re an artist and expressing yourself but, that outfit was a big NO!” wrote one viewer.

“Omg Jessie J that outfit was absolutely horrible please wear something respectable,” commented another.

Jessie J on The Voice. Image: Channel 9.

"Disappointing Jessie J. Why do you need to perform in underwear. What message does this send young girls? All the male judges fully covered!" said another fan.

(They speak the truth - the male judges were fully covered, including wearing sunglasses indoors and growing a small goatee over their exposed chins, which is probably a bit of overkill on the coverage front to be perfectly honest).


Joel and/or Benji Madden covering up FULLY. Image: Channel 9.

Oh, Jessie J! When will you learn to cover up like Joel and Benji Madden?

Other commenters took aim at Delta, saying "whoever chose Delta's pants should be shot".

"Delta's pants were a bit loose," added another.

Delta wears violence-inducing pants on tonight's episode of The Voice. Image: Channel 9.

Oh dear. I think it's time for everyone to take a deep breath and repeat after me: The clothes that celebrities wear on reality television do not affect me.

I repeat: The clothes that celebrities wear on reality television DO NOT AFFECT ME.

That's right. Breathe in. Breathe out. Isn't that better?