The Vogue fashion editors' New Year's Eve plans are basically the same as ours.

New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection. If you’re a Vogue reader, you may be compelled to reflect that your New Year’s Eve is kinda shithouse when compared to those enjoyed by Vogue staffers.

Vogue has divulged some important information about its high falutin global fashion editors: what they’ll be wearing on New Year’s Eve and where.

Here’s an example, just a little sample, of what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.

“They have the perfect vintage Mexican wedding dress to wear while wandering around the arid plains of Joshua Tree or they’ve custom-ordered an Indian sari for a cross-cultural night of karaoke in Tokyo—just to name a few.”

This description is almost exactly like what I’ll be doing: wearing a dress I bought on sale from ASOS to the beach with a bunch of coasties around a probably-illegal bonfire. Tres chic.

Having worked in magazines, and received the requisite remuneration for such work, I can’t help but wonder just how you can afford that $5800 Gucci Chinoiserie robe which perfectly matches the Mission Chinese Food Cookbook your husband will be cooking from for a select gathering at your rustic upstate New York barn – a la Virginia Smith, Vogue market director, fashion and accessories.

Dinner and a Gucci gown to match. Image via vogue.com.

But you know, Virginia and I are clearly on the same page, because last night my boyfriend made dumplings by hand in the beach house we rented with friends on the NSW coast. In honour of the occasion, I wore my favourite leopard-print hoodie, which really tied in nicely with the feel of the evening.

Chelsea Zalopany, the market editor for vogue.com, is wearing the aforementioned custom Indian sari for a karaoke fest in Tokyo, along with a pair of velvet Manolo Blahnik bejewelled slides.

Chels and I have so much in common! I’ll probably slip into a pair of worn-down Havaianas for that quintessential Aussie beach holiday look as I down the house sparkling at the local bowlo (there’s a 10-piece band playing there on New Year’s Eve. Everyone who’s anyone in the Shoalhaven region will be there).


As for Emma Morrison, Vogue market editor, we’d likely get on like a house on fire. Her new year’s resolution, which she’ll be making while dressed in a “cool slip dress and an old red fox fur” is to not “sprain an ankle skiing in Aspen the first three days”. Girl, me too! I’m also trying not to sustain an injury as I make my way back from the bowlo to beach.

fox fur
If you fancy Emma Morrison’s coat, you’ll need to enquire as to its cost. Image via Vogue.com.

Another stylish lady, Brooke Danielson, is headed to her aunt’s ranch in California. The place is “plush with avocado trees, a citrus orchard, and an organic garden with fresh herbs, root vegetables, and tomatoes. My family is going to celebrate by the campfire while roasting s’mores and drinking champagne.”

Again, I feel a weird symmetry in our experiences. Like, yesterday I went to the local Woolies and was horrified to find avocados cost nearly $4 each. Then I went to BWS to get some Champagne but ended up with several bottles of prosecco instead, because quantity trumps quality when it comes to booze. I was wearing a dress over my swimmers which had dark wet patches over the bum and boob areas. Vogue.

La Reserve in Paris, not dissimilar to the spa experience my friends and I had in our rented beach house.

Vogue senior accessories editor Selby Drummond totally gets it, too. She’s spending her New Year’s Eve in Paris, enjoying an entire day in the spa at the new La Reserve hotel being pampered.

I think Selby would really fit in with my friends. Last night, we played the Family Feud board game while plastered in a face mask from a sachet we picked up at the chemist (and also just plastered). We are positively glowing today. Catch ya by the Seine, Selbs!

Me and a friend wearing our face masks by the pool.* *Huge lie. Image via Instagram.

If however, you’re not like me and basically living the Vogue dream, try not to be too hard on yourself. We’ll all wake up with the same headache on the first of January.

h/t Jezebel.