"I interviewed for a position at Vogue with baby vomit in my bra. And got the job."

There is a certain level of mysticism that exists around the offices of Vogue.

It might be the fault of how the publication was portrayed in such films as The Devil Wears Prada or it might be the real life allure of Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour.

Whatever it is, the story of how one Senior Editor was hired while wearing vomit is a refreshing reminder that disasters happen to even the most fashionable.

Listen to the effortlessly stylish mum-of-four Kate Darvil explain what happened during her Vogue interview. 

Vogue Senior Fashion Editor Kate Darvill told Mamamia she attended one of her hiring interviews with baby vomit in her bra.

“I was meeting Edwina McCann, who’s the Editor of Vogue for my interview and I was madly rushing to get there and get Matilda and Jack organised,” she said.

“I ran out of the house and I know that I was wearing my maternity bra that had baby vomit in [it].”

Darvill, who is a mother to two sets of twins under four, explained she was running too late to change into a new one.

“I just didn’t have time to change it so I was like, whatever, I’ll just go,” she said.

Kate Darvill and I Don't Know How She Does It podcast host Alissa Warren. (Source: Original.)

The Senior Editor went on to explain how she now says goodbye to her children before dressing for work.

"I purposely don't get dressed until I'm walking out the door," she said. "So I will say goodbye to my children, get into my work clothes and walk out the door and same thing on the way back in."

Darvill shared how the strategy still left her making some last-minute adjustments.

"I do have baby wipes in my desk and I'm often wiping down my pants when I'm sitting at the desk in the morning, while saying hi to the girls," she said.

Wardrobe inspiration. (Source: iStock.)

Darvill said another way to avoid the trap of sticky (but well-meaning) fingers was to adjust one's wardrobe to a darker tone.

“Since I’ve gone back to work, I’ve worked on a conceptual wardrobe. It’s much smaller and concise and mixes and matches," she said. "It’s based around black. It just works."

Vomit might take a while to catch on as an accessory but a dark wardrobe will be forever in style.

Hungry for more? Listen to Kate Darvill's full I Don't Know How She Does It interview below.

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