Cult Buy: The new supermarket skincare range that starts at $1.50.

It’s not often a beauty product gives you change from a $10 note, let alone a $2 coin. In fact, that’s practically unheard of.

However, new skincare line Voeu has just made all your budget beauty wishes a reality — which is fitting, considering its name means ‘wish’ in French.

The range has just launched at Woolworths, meaning you can knock your skincare and grocery shopping over at once.

So budget-friendly, so brilliant.

There are 15 products in total, grouped into three ranges (Everyday Core, Age Protect and Age Regenerate) and prices start at $1.50.


No, you didn't hallucinate that. We really do mean one dollar and fifty cents. Seriously — that's less than the Caramello Koala you sneak into your trolley on a whim as you line up for the checkout.

Despite the price range — the most expensive item is $8 — these products are absolutely delightful. A particular favourite here in the Mamamia office is the Age Protect Eye Serum ($8); thanks to its metal rollerball applicator, it's brilliantly refreshing and cool on the face first thing in the morning.

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There are also day and night creams (which smell bloody good, it must be said), cleansers, a makeup remover, exfoliator, and every lazy gal's holy grail, micellar water.

As for that $1.50 bargain? Voeu's Cleansing Facial Wipes, available for normal/combination skin and dry and sensitive skin, are as good as any other.

The Voeu range can be found in most Woolies stores around Australia, with some items available online right here.

Now, go forth and hit that beauty aisle.

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This is not a sponsored post. We're just seriously impressed with these products.