Blogger shares health tutorial thinking she's eating aloe vera. She wasn't eating aloe vera.

A Chinese vlogger has reportedly poisoned herself during a live video while eating what she thought was an Aloe vera plant.

According to The Mirror, the 26-year-old, known as Zhang, was extolling the health benefits of the soothing plant in a stream titled “Aloe Vera Feast”.

However, when she bit into one of the large leaves she was holding, her dangerous mistake became clear.

While Zhang initially declared the plant to be “Yum”, she later exclaimed, “Oh, that’s bitter. That is really bitter.”

She reportedly cut the stream short, and was later admitted to hospital suffering mouth numbness, a sore throat and severe rashes and blisters, The Mirror reports.

vlogger poisoned herself with aloe vera
"That's bitter." Image: supplied.

The outlet claims Zhang mistakenly consumed Agave americana, an ornamental plant found in the arid desert climate of Mexico, Texas and Arizona.

Agave Americana is also commonly referred to as American aloe due to its resemblance to the tropical plant, though its leaves have caustic properties that can cause burning of the skin.

Doctors reportedly pumped Zhang's stomach to remove the substance from her system.

She is believed to have recovered well from the incident.

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