'Almighty shudder' felt as two Virgin Australia planes make contact on tarmac in Hobart.

Two Virgin Australia planes have made contact on the tarmac at Hobart Airport while passengers were boarding.

As one plane was taxiing out from the terminal, the tail of one plane struck the wing of another.

Both planes had passengers on board — one bound for Sydney, the other for Melbourne — but the ABC understands no injuries resulted.

The planes made contact about 10:00am this morning.

Passenger Christopher Lawrence was on one of the planes, a Melbourne-bound flight scheduled to depart about 10:30am.

He said the collision happened while passengers were boarding.

“People were quietly coming on board when we suddenly felt an almighty shudder,” he said.

“[It] visibly rocked the plane — people were almost knocked off their feet.”

He said the cabin crew initially attributed the jolt to a ‘gust of air’, not the adjacent departing plane.

“A departing Virgin flight at the gate next door had clipped the wing,” Mr Lawrence said.

“People were pretty level headed about it … the crew were pretty good about it too.”

Collision at Hobart Airport ‘beggars belief’

Mr Lawrence was puzzled how the accident could happen when there were so few planes operating at the airport.

“It sort of beggars belief that at an airport such as Hobart, with a relatively low rate of traffic, that two planes could manage to drive into each other,” he said.

Virgin Australia said it could confirm two planes made “light contact” at the boarding gates at Hobart Airport.

“There was no safety risk during this time and engineers are currently inspecting the aircraft,” a statement read.

“We apologise for the delay to passengers and are working hard to have them on their way as quickly as possible.”

Hobart Airport said there may be slight delays this afternoon.

“Hobart Airport is working to ensure the minimal disruption to our passengers and thank our guests for their understanding,” the airport said.

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