The photo that is driving the entire Internet absolutely insane.

As a child, did you struggle to answer the following question:

Where’s Wally?

Well don’t look now, but there’s another one of those stress-inducing optical illusions doing the rounds on social media at the moment, once again shaming those of us who seem to lack keen observational skills.

This time, the thing is a mobile phone, and it’s concealed somewhere in a room featuring a heavily patterned rug.

Posted by a Phillipino-based Facebook user named Jeya May Cruz roughly one week ago, the head-scratching snap has since been liked more than 139,000 people and been shared at least 18,000 times.

“Let’s play a game,” she wrote. “Look for the cellphone.”

Image via Facebook: Jeya May Cruz

See it yet?

Okay here's a hint: it's in the top half of the picture.

Another hint: it's near the table.

Yet another hint: the right-hand side of the table.

And a fourth hint: it's lying face down.

Still nothing?

Okay fine, we'll ruin it for you.

phone hidden on rug

You can relax now.

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