The world is obsessed with this incredibly fancy dorm room.

Anyone who has had the horrible pleasure of living on a university campus or renting an inner-city studio will appreciate how difficult it is to luxe-up a concrete shoebox.

I mean, there’s a reason you don’t tend to see 3x5m living spaces in those glossy home magazines.

But two roommates in the US have gone and given us all a lesson on how to decorate when you’re working with with minimal floor space and maximum occupancy. And there’s not a limp fern, tattered Audrey Hepburn poster or crocheted Vinnies blanket in sight.

Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman’s digs at the University of Mississippi began like all dorm rooms: sparse, dingy and slightly prison-like.

Via Lindy Goodson, Twitter.

But throw in some ruffles, a fluffy rug, a monochrome colour palette and catalogue of cushions, et voila: a dorm fit for two cramped queens and viral status on social media.

Via Lindy Goodson, Twitter.

The pair, who have just begun the school year, began planning the room back in December, keen to fit in at their new home.

"At our school, nearly all dorms are decorated like ours!" Bozeman told Mashable.

"So many people here are unique and creative and their rooms match. We knew school would get stressful and we wanted a calm space to return to after long days." (Post continues after gallery.)



The women used a combination of new and second-hand items, plus a handful of things that they brought from their bedrooms at home.

"We don't know a total price of the room, but we do know we saved a lot by bargain shopping and using some creativity to make things we already owned work," said Goodson.

Splurge items? Those magnificent headboards are custom-made, as are the extra-long valances and pillows.

Inspired? Why not start with your kids' room.

Video by Mamamia

“Abby’s mom sent me fabric samples of the pillow fabric and the bed skirts so I used them in every purchase I made to make sure everything would match once we moved in," Goodson told ABC.

"We also sent each other tons of pictures back and forth of things we’d found.”

The students aren't the only Ole' Miss residents demonstrating dorm-room chic. Take a look at these for some poky inspiration.