The terrifying new baby names that parents are embracing.

Every time we turn on the news, it seems like there is a new tragedy unfolding and it can be very overwhelming.

Baby names tend to follow the trends of the time (lots of people from the ’70s, named after a flower, are walking around), and so dismally some parents are deciding on violent names for their children.

There are gun-related names like Gunner, Trigger, Shooter, Caliber, Magnum and Pistol, many of which have made the top 1000 baby names this year.

If you’re not into guns, than you can simply choose another weapon: Saw, Mace, Saber (Star Wars fans, anyone?), Dagger and Blade are on the rise worldwide.

Seems a bit violent... Image: iStock.

Hunter has been in the top 10 on baby names lists for the last two decades, but now its competitors include the prey you actually hunt: Bear, Wolf, Hawk and Tiger all making the cut.

If you're not sure what kind of violence you want to relate your child to, then why not choose something more broad?

Master, Danger, Rowdy, Chaos, Arson, Raider, Rekker and Breaker are on the list, and there were 46 baby girls named Rebel last year. This could be related to the terrorism crisis, or could be related to Rebel Wilson's popularity. We'll never know.


Probably named Chaos. Image: iStock.

If you're setting your child up early for the Armed Forces, you could name them Major, Garrison, Captain, General, Navy, Sailor (for a girl) or Warrior. No one is ever going to mess with your kid.

Among the top 1000 baby names, there was strong emphasis on mythological gods and goddesses as well.

You know the ones that had swords and put curses on regular humans. Odin, Ares, Titan, Thor, Loki were grand choices for boys, and for girls we had Valkyrie, Indra and Durga. Just in case Emily is too simple for you.

It's a very little goddess. Image: iStock.

To round up the bunch, we've got a selection of badass Harry Potter characters which are inspiring parents, including Draco, Severus and Bellatrix. While suitably less violent and aggressive than the other name choices, they are nonetheless related to characters who weren't particularly nice.

We have to ask: Why is everyone setting up their child with a baby name inspired by terror? Aside from the Harry Potter collection, the others are downright chilling.

Think those are bad? Here are some of the worst baby names of ALL. TIME. Post continues after video.

Would you choose any of these baby names?