9 of your childhood toys that could make you a shed load of cash.

Pray that your parents kept your old toy-box in storage because it’s time to cash in.

Those pocket money investments you made in primary school are starting to pay off with “vintage” toys raking in a fortune online.

It’s time to get those Pokemon cards out of storage and dust off your Polly Pocket collections because someone, somewhere is willing to paying a lot (and we mean a lot) of money for them.

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We’ve found out exactly what our favourite childhood toys are worth today.

1. Sky Dancers

These flying contraptions were responsible for multiple eye injuries back in the day while also getting stuck in tree branches and on top of roofs. They were more trouble than they were worth back then but their financial worth has at least doubled today.

You’ll make: $50 AUD

2. Cabbage Patch Doll

Cabbage patch dolls were a staple in kids bedrooms across the world, even Bachie Blake‘s.

You’ll make: $89 AUD

3. Tazos

As kids you didn’t by a packet of chips for the chips, oh god no. You bought chips for the Tazos. These holographic pieces of plastic were banned at my school because of the fights kids had over them.

You’ll make: $206 AUD

4. Puppy Surprise

Puppy Surprise now seems kind of creepy – inside the stuffed dog were a number of small stuffed puppies (surprise, you’re basically giving a dog a c-section!). But as kids it was at the top of birthday and Christmas wish lists.


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You’ll make: $224 AUD

5. Polly Pocket

These choking hazards were crazy popular and are now worth a crazy amount of money. $250 for 20 grams of plastic? Sheesh.

You’ll make: $250 AUD

6. Furby

Although this was definitely not the kind of toy you wanted to wake up to in the middle of the night, everyone was obsessed with Furbies during the 90s.

You’ll make: $527 AUD

7. Tamagotchi

I know for a fact that I put more time and energy looking after my Tamagotchi than I did taking care of myself. And if I had managed to keep it alive for longer than a week it looks like I could have made a bomb.

You’ll make: $560 AUD

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8. Pokemon Cards

If you did actually catch em all, your Pokemon collection could fetch you over a grand. Pikachu, what is the world coming to?

You’ll make: $1200 AUD

9. Beanie Babies:

Finally. Those Beanie Baby investments are making dividends. This was THE craze of the 90s- even divorce settlements were fought over Beanie Baby collections. But now it all seems worth it.

You’ll make: $4616 AUD

What childhood toys could you make some money off right now?