The View star who doesn't want her unborn surrogate child anymore.




Former The View star, Sherri Shepard, 47, has said she doesn’t want her unborn surrogate baby.

Shepard and her husband, Lamar Sally, have recently split and TMZ is reporting she’s not interested in being a mother for the second time because of the breakdown of her relationship which will leave her financially burdened.

The TV star, who already has a 9-year-old son, is said to have no genetic connection to the child which is due in a matter of weeks. Reports claim conception was through an IVF using a donor egg and her husband’s sperm. Apparently she’s seeking for a judge to give her no rights based on her not being the baby’s mother.

After the collapse of her marriage, Shepard appeared at a function where she told US Weekly that “you can’t beat yourself up”. She told the audience that she has great support from her friends at this time, “I have a lot of really wonderful friends [who] say “erase that! For me, my child can’t afford to see Mommy having a nervous breakdown. It’s not in the cards.’