What do I put on my skin these days?

What skincare should you be using in your 40s, 50s and 60s? Dermatologist, Dr Leona Yip chats to Holly Wainwright about exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing to your face when it comes to skincare

Dr Leona Yip (MBChB PhD FACD)

Consultant Dermatologist and Director

Dr Leona Yip is a Melbourne-trained medical, surgical and laser dermatologist; and a Fellow of The Australasian College of Dermatologists. She is also one of the very few dermatologists in Australia who is an alopecia subspecialty expert. Dr Yip is based in Brisbane, where she is the Director of Skin Partners, a leading specialist dermatology practice in central Brisbane. She has years of experience in private and public practice, including previously in Melbourne and Canberra. 

Dr Yip is a member of multiple international and Australian expert groups, and she also works closely with various leading pharmaceutical and consumer skincare companies as a Medical Consultant or Key Opinion Leader. She is passionate about skin health advocacy and education to improve skin health literacy in the medical and general community. She regularly speaks at medical meetings and commonly features in media as a leading skin and hair expert.

Her clinical approach is strongly evidence-based as well as holistic to optimize skin health treatment outcomes for her patients. Dr Yip’s broad range of unique expertise that incorporates her specialist training, research and academic background, years of real-world clinical experience, dermatology expert group memberships and robust relationship with pharmaceutical and consumer skincare industry leaders enables her to offer an all-rounded and holistic perspective to all facets of dermatology.

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Website: skinpartners.com.au

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