No Filter - Mia Freedman ADHD
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jo x 2 years ago
Thank you Mia. I was diagnosed last  year after 50+ years of my own undiagnosed hell. Same thing…watched a lifestyle guru discussing her diagnosis and realised. Yes, it is common, but t that doesn’t make it ok. This is not a challenge, like running a marathon. To me this is a problem, and, like you, I wish I didn’t have it. Thanks for your honesty and authenticity. I have learnt some stuff I didn’t know before. 

susehop2 2 years ago
Your vulnerability is a gift to so many women Mia! The way I've learned to no longer feel shame about being too much is that I think of the people that are too much, too shy, too whatever and how much I love them regardless. I think about how much I love my son who has ADHD and is autistic. He drives me nuts, often, but I couldn't possibly love him any more.

Self awareness is the antidote but don't change who you are. The things we're shit at pale in significance to the things we're amazing at. I also really hate the superpower BS but I do love some of the silver linings. Spontaneity, divergent thinking, perspective taking, quick witidness. 

In our culture, its shameful to not be perfect, especially for women. I no longer buy into that BS because I can see straight through the patriarchal BS that it is.

And I also see that something that's really fucked can also have some good sides to it. When my father had dementia he became warm towards me for the first time in my life. 

Take care after having bared your soul. And if you ever want some ADHD Coaching give me a shout. Flipping the shame story is my specially. 💛 Xx