Identity [Bonus Session]

Pronouns, gender and identity.

Getting on the same page with Gen Z when it comes to terminology, gender-affirming language and understanding why it matters for queer, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and transgender teens.

About Troy Hepple: 

Troy grew up in the 90’s, at a time when LGBTIQA+ issues were at the forefront, and messages like “Girl Power” instilled in him a mentality of embracing one’s self proudly.

It is this mindset which helped him become the queer man he is today, a point which he underlines as pivotal to who he is as a person: “I’m often told things like ‘oh do you have to be so much, why do you have to be so gay all the time’ .. well, yeah, I do! It’s who I am. I make the decision to leave my home as the person I am so that others can see it: you never know when you’ll walk past someone who needs to see someone fully embrace who they are”.

Troy joined the Wear It Purple Board of Directors with this at the forefront, in an effort to find avenues in which others can celebrate their own diversity and uniqueness, as well as continue the conversation with those who question “do you have to be so gay all the time?”

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