Ask Mia Anything | Daily Routine & Backing Myself

Welcome to Ask Mia Anything. In this series Mia answers the questions you’ve always wanted the answers to. In today’s secondary episode, she talks about Mamamia throughout COVID, her daily routine, and backing herself.

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lhcbmcc28 2 months ago
This may sound dramatic BUT I honestly can not go a single day without listening to a Mamamia podcast. They give me all the feels.. comfort and secruity the most because I know life is going well when I put my headphones in and hear those words "A Mamamia Podcast", so thank you all. 

lynneh 2 months ago
MamaMia is such a wonderfully unique media platform and you should rightly be very proud, What do you actually think of how the rest of the media, all the different elements, shows up and how it conducts itself?