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This video is an absolute game changer for the equal marriage debate.


In this video, set in an ultrasound clinic, a young pregnant couple are about to be told the sex of their baby. Not just the sex, but something else too, that you wouldn’t expect. What’s surprising and endearing is their reaction to the news they’re given. Would you react that way? I hope so. I wrote this commercial to ask you a question. What R U having and if you really knew, where would you stand on issues like equal marriage?

I admit, the scenario depicted is a perfect world scenario where unconditional parental love is clearly in play. It’s sad that it’s a fantasy. Sad that young, frightened teenagers are forced to “come out” to their parents. Sad that many feel guilty about it their whole lives, being the bearer of what seems like bad family news.

I feel for the parents too of course. It’s not something they’re usually prepared for. And that’s the whole point of this commercial. It’s asking you to consider the possibility that one day someone in your family will come out to you and maybe want to marry someone of the same sex. If you haven’t considered the issue from that angle, then maybe you should.

I made this commercial on the request of Shelley Argent who is one parent who knows well the reality of inequality. She’s the mother of one gay and one straight son. One who can marry, one who can’t. Since Shelley launched this video with the help of billboard giant GOA, the video has gone viral. Even Ricky Martin saw it and tweeted about it. Thousands of everyday people have also shared it. I hope the politicians are watching it too.

Steve Minon began his career in Brisbane as an ad writer in the late Eighties but left the business when he sold his ad agency. He now creates restaurant concepts mainly so he won’t starve while he tries to become a ‘serious’ writer.