real life

Witness what happens when strangers are asked to kiss for the first time.

Director Tatia Pilieva took one great, simple idea- asking 20 total strangers to kiss for the first time- and filmed the results.

The resulting short, simple, black-and-white video? Is as beautiful as it is cringeworthy.

While the randomly-paired couples are a little uncomfortable at first- “this right here is the awkward moment,” one tall, shy guy mutters to his pretty counterpart- something magical happens when they finally lock eyes and go for it.

There’s lip-biting. There’s bum-grabbing. There’s hand-holding. And some of the pairs look like they don’t want to stop.

We’re watching it on repeat, and we’re pretty sure you will be too:

 And because watching people kissing is cute in a creepy way, here are some more pictures of famous on screen kisses.