Victoria's Secret has released its annual list of 'What Is Sexy' and there's a serious problem.

Victoria’s Secret has released its annual list of ‘What Is Sexy’ and it’s basically just three things – young, white and skinny.

The list, which is apparently voted for by the public, is made up of what ‘sexy‘ means to Victoria’s Secret, and the brand says the winners are “at the top of their game, and inspire us to work harder and keep it sexy every day”.

Mellow yellow (and purple)…. ????????????

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Mandy Moore tops the list for “sexiest actress,” Taylor Swift for “sexiest entertainer,” Lady Gaga for “sexiest songstress,” and Lauren Conrad for “sexiest mogul”. Yep, you read right, they’re all young, white, skinny females.

There’s also winners for “sexiest sense of humour” and “sexiest city”.

James Corden, the only male on the list, is the winner of the “sexiest late night host”, while Margot Robbie took out the “forever sexy” category.


Looking up videos of kittens hugging each other, probably.

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Although Vanessa Hudgens won “sexist style risk taker,” Priyanka Chopra won “sexiest red carpet look,” and Jamie Chung won “sexiest festival style,” they were no women of colour in any of the categories that actually made some kind of sense (what even is sexiest festival style?). Not to mention there were no women on the list who represent any kind of diversity in body shape or age.

Come on Victoria’s Secret, you can do better than this.

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