Um, have you ever noticed that all Victoria’s Secret models look the same?


Images via Victoria’s Secret Instagram.

Have you ever noticed that all Victoria’s Secret models look the same? And I’m not just talking body-wise.

Although, if you’ve ever subjected yourself to watching the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, it’s fair enough that you’ve been distracted by their ridiculous abs and pushed-up cleavage.

Take a look at this image from yesterday’s Bond Street media event. Notice anything… odd?

Got it yet? No? Keep looking. I'll wait.




Did you spot the difference? The one model with a different hairstyle?

In case you missed it, it’s Jourdan Dunn, over in the far right rocking THE haircut of the year, the bob.

Everyone else has the same hair. EXACTLY the same tousled, nipple-length hair. They also have what appears to be a socially acceptable amount of 'natural' makeup on. It’s like looking at a row of cookie cutter, factory made dolls.


This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. If you take a look at all the images from the 2012 and 2013 shows (don’t do it to yourself), every single model has long hair (aside from Karlie Kloss).

Sienna Miller has the hair we all want now.


It’s like the casting agents are perennially too hungover and make it a blanket rule to hire every model with long hair. I imagine their conversations go something like this...

“Darls, I can’t even deal today. Let's just hire everyone with long hair again this year.”

“But we do that EVERY year!"

"Ok, fine. Throw in Jourdan then.” 

"And Karlie, she's still growing out that damn bob everyone is copying."

"Done. Aaaand that's a wrap."

Sure, there probably isn’t a hair conspiracy at play here. Models have long sported lengthy hair or extensions for maximum versatility on shoots. And why wouldn't the VS casting agents play right into their key audience? Men who like to watch lingerie being modelled on women with long hair.

23 times Bec Hewitt changed her hair colour.

Since we can’t run this post without some kind of point other than LOOK! HAIR! Here’s the takeout - and you might want to grab a pen and write this down. If it’s your lifelong goal to be a Victoria’s Secret model then start growing your hair out now, babes.

You're welcome.

What's that? You want to look at more pictures of long haired celebrities who aren't Victoria's Secret models? Well, we've got that too.