No one can agree if Victoria Beckham was photoshopped on the cover of Vogue.

Victoria Beckham’s Instagram account is currently alight with followers debating whether or not one of her recent images has been the victim of Photoshop.

The image in question is an outtake from the May edition of China’s Vogue, where Beckham poses in a loose-fitting shirt.

In the image, Beckham appears to have lost a few things — no, not weight — no, not style.

Once you see it... Source: @victoriabeckham Instagram.

It seems as though Beckham has lost the connection between her leg and her body.

If you look between her thigh and her leg, you may see a gap -- or you may see white underpants, a continuation of the shirt or anything else that has been suggested in the 1747 comments on the photo that discuss it.

The image is becoming the new blue & black/white & gold dress as users vigorously debate whether or not the image has been altered.

"Clearly it's a white body suit that blends into the background. LOL. Silly people," user szuzdesign wrote.

"Shocking how blind AND stupid people can be! Look, USE your eyes, its underwear, WHITE panties she has on (as if she would pose without them like that)its NOT a gap, so no P fail here!!" User vogueair wrote.

Loved working on this shoot for @voguechina May issue. Thank u @inezandvinoodh, @wendyrowe, @georgecortina and @shayashual x vb

A video posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on Apr 9, 2016 at 12:07am PDT

"Okay, it's clearly an error, I can't see how 'white' undies can become transparent. Every celeb gets Photoshopped no matter who they are or how "perfect" anyone thinks they are. It's normal in the world of celebrity. It's not her that's made a body part disappear, it's the magazines editors," user cherrybrandinept wrote. Beckham is yet to comment on the debacle -- instead, she has continued to post regular shots of herself and David in their travels.

David Beckham poses at a vineyard. Source: @victoriabeckham Instagram.

The image is certainly worth a long look and perhaps even a second one, because if you sit a bit higher in your chair or change the angle at which you view your phone, your perception of the image may also change too.

Listen to Beckham's passionate speech at Glamour's Woman of the Year Awards...

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