What Victoria Beckham's nutritionist Amelia Freer really eats in a day.

Meet celebrity nutritionist Amelia Freer.

She’s responsible for Victoria Beckham’s seriously healthy diet and counts Sam Smith, Boy George, James Corden and a whole host of other unnamed models and singers as her clients.

But what does she really eat in a day?

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The qualified nutritionist, cookbook author and former personal assistant to Prince Charles (yes, really!) opened her kitchen to The Grace Tales – and we’re all ears.


Forget about cereal and muffins – after a spot of yoga, warm water, a black coffee and a walk of the dogs or training session (we’re exhausted already!) the 40-year-old will start her day with a poached egg with leafy green veggies like spinach, avocado or even leftovers.


“I firmly challenge [that breakfast should be grain-based] – there should be no boundaries to what we perceive to be an ideal breakfast – best of all, seize the opportunity to build up reserves of veg and protein,” she says.

On the day of the interview she enjoyed left-over broad beans warmed in a pan with spring onions and olive oil and a poached egg served on gluten-free bread with a side of blueberries.

Watch: An easy and delicious green smoothie recipe. Post continues after video.


For her midday meal, Freer looks again to leftovers or food in the fridge, but is sure to never, ever miss this meal.


“I ensure that I spare time to eat lunch properly, even if that’s only 10 mins. By that, I mean I sit down and savour it. Digest it. It’s so easy, especially when one is busy, to eat lunch on the go (literally) or to skip it altogether and that leads to multiple bad habits later in the day,” she says.

Her rule is as much colour as possible.

“I’ll grab five different vegetables (preferably a rainbow mix of colours), one portion of fruit, a source of protein such as an egg, poached salmon, goats cheese or even just a handful of nuts and seeds,” she says.

Today it’s yellow courgetti (spiralised courgetti instead of pasta).

She uses fresh herbs, spices, lemons and extra virgin olive oil to add flavour and will often prep vegetables in advance so it can be a quick affair.



For her favourite meal of the day, Freer cooks up a healthy potato salad (with coyo, mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper, dill, chives and spring onion instead of a creamy sauce), salmon fillets with sauteed spinach and chard.


“I made an extra [salmon fillet] for lunch the following day, of course, following the “cook once, eat twice” rule.

Pudding is a bowl of raspberries followed by a glass of red wine (yes!) with her partner.

“None of the dishes today took long at all to make and I doubled up my time whilst cooking to prep and prepare food for the next day,” she says.

FOOD PREP: I was going to take a picture of all of the lovely produce I picked from the garden this morning, you know how in love I am with the vegetables we are growing! But then I thought it might be more helpful to show you what I do with it all, before we eat it of course. When I know I have a busy few days ahead, I spend a bit of time cleaning and chopping, mixing and preparing it all so that I have it ready to go for quick meals for the next few days. And I encourage clients to do the same with their supermarket shopping-i always say get rid of all the plastic and packaging, clean it up and get it ready to use. Now it’s always best to chop veggies and fruits right before you eat them for maximum nutrients, but if time is short then a little prep like this really helps to keep healthy food in your life. Remember consistency not perfection! So today I spiralized some courgettes (zucchini), cucumbers and carrots. I peeled and boiled broad beans then removed their sacks and squeezed a little lemon juice over them. I mashed up some avocado with some lemon and chilli flakes and added in some chopped tomatoes. I washed and shredded the chicory, boiled the potatoes and blanched the beans. And finally I blended some cashews that I had soaking with sun dried tomatoes, basil, parsley, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil for a yummy pesto. Now it’s all ready to assemble in minutes for the next few meals. I’ll show you what I do with it all over the next few days so stay tuned ???? #livecolourfully #ifyoudontplanyouplantofail

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“For breakfast tomorrow, I’ll have the leftover courgetti salad with an egg, and then for lunch I’ll have the salmon with potatoes again and I’ll add in some more greens. See, I’m always thinking about the next meal.”

Tasty, healthy food that saves time for future you? This is one ‘diet’ we can get around.

Image: Instagram/@ameliafreer