Sorry, Victoria Beckham, sometimes your kids have their own hopes and dreams. Unfortunately.

This is truly heartbreaking.

Victoria Beckham’s daughter is more interested in soccer than fashion, which pains the Spice woman no end.

She gave birth to three boys, who all fancy that they’ll take after their dad, soccer hero David Beckham.

Victoria, 41, figured she’d at least have a win with her only daughter, Harper, 4.

This is the kind of thing Harper Beckham’s been up to. Image via Instagram.

But alas. The tiniest Beckham has expressed no desire to run a major fashion label and therefore, it’s clear that her path in life is set.

“She loves fashion, you know, as all little girls do… but she loves sports,” Beckham told reporter Amy Robach on Good Morning America after her recent New York Fashion Week show.

“She said to me the other day, ‘Mummy, I think I want to play football [soccer].’”

Watch the fashion designer talking about her disappointing child here… Post continues after video.

“Dagger through the heart! I have three boys that want to play football, you know, come on, let one of them want to be into fashion or dance,” she said.

Short of strapping little Harper to Anna Wintour for her formative years (Wintour is small, yes, but she’s wiry), there’s not a lot I can think of to help Beckham here.


I do feel for Posh. Not everyone can give birth to avant garde fashionistas like Suri Cruise or North West.

Icons are born, not made.

The Beckhams: A fashion/soccer dispute could tear this family apart. Image via Instagram.

But you know, I think Romeo Beckham did a pretty good job of being a Burberry model, and it seems like Brooklyn Beckham is more interested in his Bieber-style drop-crotch pants and man-jewellery than kicking goals on a soccer field, so VB could just win a couple for her fashion/dance team yet.

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