Meet the new female condom that's "guaranteed" to give you an orgasm.

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Since they first, ahem, entered the market in 1920, condoms have come a long way — especially in recent years.

As of 2015 we have a ‘super condom‘ that looks, feels and behaves like human flesh; there are also condoms designed to prevent HIV; and now a vibrating condom for women has been invented.

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It’s like the lovechild of your favourite sex toy and the most effective barrier contraceptive, and according to its founder, it guarantees an orgasm. Well, hello there.

This exciting new take on the condom is called the VA w.o.w. Condom Feminine — the w.o.w. stands for worn-of-women — and it comes equipped with a bullet vibrator in its frame.

The VA w.o.w,


VA w.o.w, created by IXu, is made of latex and is wireless but bluetooth-enabled. The outer ring, which is the part that keeps the condom in place on the vulva, is embedded with miniature vibrators to deliver all those good vibrations. It's also heart-shaped, which is a cute touch.

The greatest part of all this? The VA w.o.w. is one of the first condoms to be designed specifically for women's pleasure, as well as their protection. That's one small step for safe sex, one giant leap for womankind...


But does it really guarantee an orgasm? Really? Because it would be cruel to make that promise without delivering. (Post continues after gallery.)



According to research conducted by IXü, the condom yielded very satisfying results for both women and men.

Their survey of 50 couples found 70 per cent of women had an orgasm the first time they used VA w.o.w. By the second use, 84 per cent of women orgasmed, and by the fourth use, 100 per cent of the women orgasmed. That's one hundred per cent.

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IXü CEO Brian Osterberg says, “This is a major step to speed up female condom innovation. We have definitive data showing female condoms with electronic vibe devices attached are extremely 'agreeable' to users.”

It is expected to hit shelves in Europe in the next 12 to 18 months, and hopefully will make its way to Aussie shores eventually. Come on. Don't deny us those orgasms.

Would you use a vibrating condom?