The beauty treatment The Veronicas' Jess uses to scare her twin sister.

Imagine, for a moment, the scariest thing you could ever see upon waking up and opening your eyes in the middle of the night.

Is it…someone wearing a terrifying light face mask sitting next to your bed?

If so, you should probably stay away from Jessica Origliasso, one half of the twins that make up Aussie pop duo The Veronicas.

Jess posted a video to her Instagram story featuring her wearing the LED light facial mask, adding that she wears it “when Lisa sleeps”.

NO. JUST NO. Image via Instagram.

Jess admitted that she was looking forward to scaring her twin sister, writing, "She is going to be terrified when she wakes up hahaha."

We can imagine Lisa's face is going to look a little like this when she sees what Jess is wearing:


Horrifying masks aside, what exactly does an LED light mask do, you ask?

The mask is used for non-invasive light therapy, which involves intense LED light being applied to the skin at certain frequencies in very close proximity to the skin.

"It’s become popular in recent times because it’s one of the few aesthetic treatments currently available that is without any discomfort," skin expert and facialist to the stars Melanie Grant told Mamamia.

"In fact, many have even described the treatment as enjoyable. [The masks] are a more portable and less powerful version of the light therapy devices we have in my clinic," she said.

The treatment has benefits for skin of all ages and can be used to treat everything from acne, skin tone, texture, fine lines and can even help heal wounds.

It has benefits for skin of all ages and, depending on the LED light colour and frequency, can be used to treat everything from acne, skin tone, texture, fine lines and help wound healing.

So, she may look terrifying, but at least there's a good reason Jess is wearing the freaky mask.

Video by Mamamia