VEGANS REJOICE! Your favourite classic ice creams now come in vegan versions.

Vegans might just be the most socially afflicted of all the dietary requirements.

While gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free food options have well and truly broken through onto mainstream menus, poor ol’ environmentally conscious vegans are often left sitting in the corner with a plate of salad or bowl of tomato pasta.

Always missing out on all the fun things, vegans are. Like cheese. A pizza. AND ICE CREAM.

But alas, vegans and people with dietary requirements, rejoice. You, friends, can now enjoy your favourite ice creams without compromising your vegan lifestyle.

Australia’s favourite ice cream brands, including Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, Cornetto, Blue Ribbon, and Weis, are introducing a range of ice cream that are reduced in calories, contain protein, non-dairy, vegan, gluten free, and made with real fruits.

It’s very exciting, no?

Here are the alternatives to the ice creams you grew up on for people with dietary requirements:

Magnum Dairy Free Classic and Magnum Dairy Free Almond.

  • 100 percent dairy-free range features two of the brands’ signature flavours.
  • Plant-based vegan ice cream is crafted with pea protein, covered in delicious cracking dairy free chocolate.
  • Available nationwide in convenience stores and supermarkets - $7 for a multipack of three and $4 for a single almond.

Blue Ribbon Low-Cal.

This could be your new week night dessert option. Image: Supplied.
  • Comes in four flavours - creamy chocolate, raspberry fudge swirl, vanilla bean, and cookies and cream.
  • Not vegan.
  • Each tub is under 400 calories with 60 percent less fat and 20 grams of protein.
  • Available nationwide in convenience stores and supermarkets - $7.99 each.

Cornetto Vegan Vanilla.

Vegan Cornettos are Cornettos too. Image: Supplied.
  • Vegan, made with soy vanilla ice cream, vegan chocolate and vegan cone. Not gluten free.
  • Now on sale nationwide, is available at Woolworths only - $9 for a multipack of four.

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream Range.

Um, YUM. Image: Supplied.
  • Vegan, dairy-free.
  • Comes in four flavours - Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pint, Cinnamon Buns Pint, Peanut Butter and Cookies Pint, and Coconut 7 Layer Bar Pint.
  • Available nationwide in convenience stores, Petrol stations and supermarkets - $12 each.

Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria Light Ice Cream Range.

Light AND chunky. Image: Supplied.
  • Each tub has 45 percent less fat than standard ice cream and 150-160 calories per serving.
  • Not vegan, made with organic dairy
  • Comes in three flavours - Chocolate Cookie Affair, Caramel Cookie Fix, and PB Dough.
  • Available nationwide in convenience stores, Petrol stations and supermarkets - $12 each.

Weis Raspberry & Coconut Dairy Free Bar.

Well, you look delightful, don't you? Image: Supplied.
  • Vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free, made with real fruit.
  • Available nationwide in convenience stores and supermarkets - $6.80 for a multipack of four, $3.20 for a single.

Now, if you'll kindly get out of the way, we'll see you at the supermarket.

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