What is a vampire facial? And do I want one?

We’ve tackled the bewildering beauty products invading your beauty cupboards here. And now let’s get to those beauty procedures and services you’ve heard about but have no idea if you want to go ahead with them.

1. Eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow threading sounds intense, but it’s just a wound cotton or polyester thread that is rolled over hair and plucked out at the follicle. It’s less painful (and more precise) than waxing. It originated in India, but now you’re just as likely to find someone doing it in your suburb.

Do I want to do this? Yes, especially if you suffer from severe redness post-eyebrow wax.

2. Vampire facials. 

If that image of Kim Kardashian post-vampire facial wasn’t enough to terrify you, the actual description of what they entail might.  A vampire facelifts is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure involves reinjecting of a gel-like substance, which is derived from the patient’s own blood. Stay with us here – It’s then injected back into areas of the face in order to treat wrinkles. So far there is no scientific evidence that the Vampire Facelift procedure works, or is that effective.

Do I want to do this? Umm…did you see that Kim Kardashian pic?

3. Zoom.

“I wish my teeth were more yellow,” said no one ever. In the age of selfies, there’s more emphasis on your ‘social media smile‘ than ever before. As we age our teeth naturally yellow through eating and drinking things like red wine, coffee and tea.

If you have a big event like a wedding coming up or just want to improve the colour of your teeth, consider Philips Zoom. The treatment incorporates a new advanced LED whitening technology that is proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in just 45 minutes. It’s expensive (roughly $1000) but it lasts for years. I tried it recently (at Canada Bay Dental) and after requesting ‘white but not white, white teeth,’ I had little post-procedure sensitivity and I’ve been super happy with the results.


Do I want to do this? If you have the money, yes!

4. Invisalign.

Invisalign straightens teeth with almost invisible braces, rather than having a mouth full of metal of ye olden times. I’m really considering getting Invisalign myself, which is annoying because I feel like I did my time with braces as a teenager. And IT’S SO NOT FAIR.

Do I want to do this? Yes.

5. Nightingale dropping facials.

Who would have thought smearing bird poo on your face would ever be considered a thing of beauty? But apparently it is. Popular in Japan, you can do it at the Diamond Hawaii Resort Spa, you know if you’re into that kind of thing.

Do I want to do this? Are you kidding me? No.

6. Eyebrow implants.

Say you want to look like Cara Delevingne but have blonde or wispy brows and are lacking the makeup artistry skills to draw on bold brows? Well, now you can. For $2,800 you can transplant the hair from your head to the middle of your face.

Do I want to do this? No. A way cheaper option is tinting, tattooing or Benefit’s Brows-a-go-go makeup palette. 

7. Dimpleplasty.

Dimpleplasty is a relatively new plastic surgery procedure that adds dimples onto an otherwise dimple-free face. Costing around $2,700 for both cheeks, it involves making an incision with a scalpel and stitching the cheek to mimic dimples.

Do I want to do this? I dunno, how much do you want dimples?

What wacky beauty procedures have you tried? Or want to know about?

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