The 11 weirdest things we found on the internet this year (and what you clicked on).

Earlier this year, Mamamia launched Mamamia Rogue, a space on MM dedicated to fun, viral and random content. Edited by Rosie Waterland, Rogue covers everything from feminism to pop culture, viral videos to random memes. But one of the biggest aims of Rogue is to sift through the weirdest corners of the internet and bring you the best bits back.

And boy, did we find some strange, random stuff.

Here’s a list of the weirdest shit Mamamia Rogue brought to you this year.

1. Vagina Knitting.

A woman became internationally famous for knitting from her vagina. If you haven’t watched the video yet, you really must. Click here.


2. Face piercing went too far.

This guy put a window in his chin (because why not?). Click here for the full story.


3. Microsoft decided to concentrate on the important things – invented a bra that will stop you stuffing your face.

Yup. It’s a bra that will prevent you from emotionally eating. Allegedly. Click here for the full story.


4. A man sold his testicles. For a car.

Well, it was a Nissan. Click here to read more.


5. A white suprmacist found out he was part-African. On National television.

It really is an extremely satisfying clip to watch. Click here to see it.



6. Scientists found traces of herpes on library copies of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Yep. Gross. You won’t believe what else they found. Here’s to giving up reading!


7. Things kept accidently looking like penises.

Weather Penis happened.

So did Church Penis.


8. And things kept accidently looking like vaginas.

Like the new World Cup stadium in Qatar:



Watch the video than ruined a million childhoods.

10. A billboard honoured Nelson Mandela. Using a picture of Morgan Freeman.



11. 28 women admitted how they see themselves when drunk.

We guarantee you’re on the list. Click here to see.


Here’s to an equally fun and random 2014!



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