"I was born without a vagina hole, meaning I can't use tampons or have sex."


An anonymous writer has written for XO Jane revealing the truth behind being born without a “vagina hole“.

At 14, the writer got her period for the very first time. After missing out on the classic summer pool parties and waking up in pools of her own blood, she decided to switch from pads to tampons.

After following the instructions on the tampon pack very carefully, she tried to insert a tampon.

Trying time and time again, it still didn’t work.

“Did the exact thing I did before I read the directions. Repeated that pattern a few times. Decided to check out what it look like in a little hand mirror. Saw a lot of pink and got creeped out,” she wrote.

It wasn’t until three years later, at 17, did she have another go at trying tampons when her friend wanted to go to the beach.

“Probably more than an hour later, with tears in my eyes and sweat on my brow, I texted my friend back, defeated.”

Do you actually use the word ‘period’? Maybe ‘that time of the month’, ‘shark week’, or ‘Aunt Flo’? 

Her friend told her to just “try harder” and ended up sending her photos of vaginas from a medical website, so the writer could explore her own.

After looking at the vaginas, she firstly realised there were TWO holes. The pee hole and “vagina hole”. For most of the time, she had been trying to insert the tampons into her pee hole, but when she went searching for exactly where the elusive vagina hole was, she couldn’t find it.


The anonymous writer then, after not being able to find her vagina hole, went to her mum and they made an appointment with a gynecologist.

“I explained to the nurse practitioner that no matter how hard I tried, I could not get a tampon inside of me, and then asked her while blushing and looking at the ground, if she could help me.

“She chuckled a patronizing chuckle and lead me into a room where I would strip off of my clothes. I dug my heels into those little stirrup things and started to freak the fuck out. My vagina was completely exposed in a way it had never been before,” she wrote.

After the nurse poked around her vagina with a q-tip and then brought a doctor in to check, the doctor said, “You don’t have a vagina hole…Well, you technically do but it’s very small.”

Apparently, it was only the size of a q-tip.

The size of the hole is apparently smaller than a tip of a pin, but still just large enough to pass blood monthly. The hole was almost completely covered by her hymen.

"You have a vagina hole so small that nothing can get in. You won't be able to have sex, much less put a tampon unless you get surgery," the doctor told the writer.

To worsen the situation, the writer's mother was a Catholic conservative and was very against surgery to open her vagina.

"I honestly think that she thought the second I got my vagina spliced open, I would start rampantly having sex with any male who looked in my direction," she wrote.

Eventually, after conducting extensive research, debating furiously her mother, and presenting pie charts, her mother agreed she could have the surgery.

"Ironically, I still do not use tampons and it would be a few years before I'd actually have sex with anyone. But at least I got to have a vagina hole like all the other girls," she wrote.