Vaginas aren't scary but this one will haunt your dreams.

What are you dressing up for this year’s Halloween parties? A ghost? Donald Trump perhaps? A vagina?

Hang on, I hear you say, vaginas aren’t scary! They’re beautiful works of art. Doesn’t that miss the point of the fright night?

I wholeheartedly agree with you. But this one will haunt your dreams. Vaginas belong between your legs, not on your face. *Shudders*

This week on the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, Jessie Stephens brought this… interesting Halloween costume to our attention. We still haven’t recovered.

The mask is the creation of Etsy seller Melissa Coulter, who quite frankly we’d like to meet and ask, ‘WHY?’

Okay. You all just want to see it, right?

But first please be warned, it’s terrifying. Hair-raising. Spine-chilling.

Are you sure you wouldn’t rather look at adorable puppies?

See? Much better. Via Giphy.

Seriously, this is your final warning. You like sleep, right? You hope to do it again one day?

Alright, here goes... No turning back now.

Yikes. Image via Etsy.

Are you ready for the full frontal view? Actually scratch that, you'll never be ready for this.

We told you so. Image via Etsy.

If you're planning on shelling out the $650 to buy it (plus an extra hundy for shipping) Monz has a fun tip for you: try eating a tuna sandwich for dinner and breathing on everyone you see. It will add an air of realism to your costume.

Um, thanks, Monz!

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