Beauty vlogger Stephanie Lange has an unusual solution for over-plucked brows.

There’s a very real and very painful situation that millions of us around the world find themselves in, thanks to ignorance in our teen years.

Yes, I’m talking overplucked eyebrows.

Aussie YouTuber Stephanie Lange has recommended with an, erm, unusual solution for those lamenting the sparsity of their brows.

Simply cut off your own hair and stick it on your brows. (No, we’re not joking.)

“I have pretty thin, sparse brows. I used to have pretty thick, nice, healthy brows when I was a teenager but like most teenagers I overplucked them so much that they now no longer grow back,” she said in a video that’s been viewed over 150,000 times.

Lange's brows in their natural state. Image: YouTube/@StephanieLange.

Having tried brow tattooing and products designed to encourage growth of her actual eyebrow hair to no avail, the Sydney-based professional makeup artist decided to try something totally different.

"The other day I was putting on my false lashes and the idea struck me - what If I could put false lashes on my eyebrows as eyebrow hairs? Not the full strip but the individual hairs," she said.

"I would have tried that at the time but they are all black which would look pretty dark considering my hair colour. Then I got the bright idea of snipping off some of my own hair. I know I'm crazy and this is a ridiculous idea but I'm going to try it."

Image: YouTube/@StephanieLange.

After giving a disclaimer that this could all go terribly wrong, Lange proceeded to snip the ends of her hair into a petri dish before carefully applying each individual hair onto her brows with tweezers and lash glue.

"If this works it will save me so much time filling in my brows. It would last days until they all fell off," she said. (Post continues after gallery.)

Surprisingly, the final result didn't turn out all that badly.

"They look so good! Very creative," wrote one commenter.

Image: Instagram/@StephanieLange.

Would you ever try this?