The US Bachelorette finale had a car crash ending we've never seen before.

Guys, we need to talk about what the bloody hell just happened on The Bachelorette US finale.

Because one of the male suitors who was kind of meant to end up with Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay for, you know, THE REST OF HER LIFE has just gone and pulled the damn rug out from under all of us.

As the first Bachelorette of colour in the franchise’s history, Rachel’s season was always going to be historic.

Now, it’s historic for a completely different reason.

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In a nutshell, the one WE ALL KNEW WAS RIGHT FOR HER, Peter Kraus, broke up with Rachel during their finale date because he was not ready to give her the proposal she so desperately wanted after just weeks of knowing each other (fairly reasonable, you’d say?).

This left fans with a one horse race to the ‘happily ever after’ with Bryan Abasolo.

It was deeply, deeply upsetting. And frankly, just not good enough.

Grab the popcorn, because here’s the play-by-play live as it went down from our Mamamia US Correspondent and Bachelorette super fan, Jess Clark:

“Ok so it was between two guys – Peter and Bryan.

The Bachelorette (Rachel) was very insistent she wanted her man to put a ring on it at the end…

But Peter was always like, hmm nah mate, I love you but I only want to get engaged once and I don’t want to risk proposing and you saying no.


So their finale date. The night before the final rose ceremony, they decided to BREAK UP. OUT OF NOWHERE.

So there was literally NO SUSPENSE as to who she chose.

Think Georgia, Matty J and Lee, but if Matty J took sh*t into his own hands and kamikazed the whole damn thing.”

Thanks, Jess.

Understandably, Twitter is losing it’s mind.




Despite this season’s emotional rollercoaster, y’all know we’ll be there when The US Bachelor premieres next week.

Why? Because we’re sick, sick masochists.

See you there!