Why you need to update your iPhone software. Right now.

Today, Apple released its latest update iOS 10.1 — and experts are urging users to update their products as soon as possible.

As security engineer Marco Grassi explained on Twitter earlier today, the latest version of IOS fixes a scary security hole.

“Upgrade to iOS 10.1 right now,” he tweeted, alongside a screen shot highlighting part of Apple’s Security Update information.

“It fixes a remote code execution vulnerability that’s exploited by getting you to open a malicious JPEG.”

Discovered by security researcher Marco Grassi, the CoreGraphics bug lets hackers take over an Apple product through the use of hacked JPEG images — meaning that in order to get access to your phone, all a hacker has to do is get you to look at an image.

No downloading, no installing, just looking at an image.

Screenshot via Apple Support

Think about how many images you view on your phone. This is a serious security hole you should protect yourself against as soon as possible.

To update directly on your device, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

And while you’re at it, update your Mac computer operating system as well. Lee says Mac OS X Sierra 10.12 has the same vulnerability.

To update your computers OS, open iTunes, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Or if you’re overwhelmed you can just go without phone all together, like Jessie did for a week

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On second thought, just update your Apple devices.

H/T: NY Mag

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