Let's talk about the fact that UnReal isn't coming back this year. And we are not ok.

For anyone who has been holding their breath in anticipation for UnReal season three coming to our screens in 2017, you’re most definitely about to pass out.

It’s… it’s not coming. At least not this year.

The first season of UnReal premiered in mid 2015 on Lifetime, and on the Australian streaming service, Stan, with the second debuting in mid 2016.

UnReal is a (brilliant) scripted drama series, starring Constance Zimmer and Shirri Appleby, who play the producers of a Bachelor-like reality dating show called Everlasting. 

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The series reveals what really happens behind-the-scenes on the set of reality show productions, demystifying any hopes we might have that these are real life fairy tales.

Show co-creator Marti Noxon says, “We thought uncovering the behind-the-scenes machinations would make great stories, and we wanted to comment on the kind of bully culture of a lot of reality television.”

Season one was a runaway critical success and break-out fan favorite.

Dalene Rovenstine wrote for Entertainment Weekly, “If you love The Bachelor, you’re going to like UnREAL. If you hate The Bachelor, you’re going to like UnREAL.” It was named one of the best shows of 2015, and achieved a 98 per cent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Image via Lifetime.

Season two, to some critics, was also a success. But, contrary to it's first season, some fans and critics thought UnReal faulted a bit in it's second season.

We first found out that there would be no UnReal this year after Constance Zimmer posted on Twitter, "Here's to the fans... Hang in there for Season Three. UnReal airing in the first part of 2018!!"


Here's to the fans...Hang in there for #season3 @UnRealLifetime AIRING in the FIRST part of 2018!! #Unrealtv2018

Which we have to say, breaks our hearts a little, especially since Zimmer promised the show would be bigger and better in season three.

Zimmer told The Hollywood Reporter, "2017, let’s be honest, has not been that great. So let’s just start 2018 better, with season three of UnREAL."

In regards to the plot of season three, Zimmer said, "We have a female ‘suitress’ and it’s changing the narrative within a formula that everybody loves. It’s all these hot men, and now, not only do you have two strong women, but you have three, and it is a crazy trifecta of women wanting to help other women, but not knowing the best path."

Her final message for fans was, “I'm very sorry, just hang in there. Go to the beach, drink some margaritas, and before you know it the summer will be over, it will be fall and we’ll all be cold — kind of — and all of a sudden it will be 2018.”

For anyone who is disappointed, there will be plenty of TV dropping in the second half of 2017 to distract you.

Orange is the New Black season five has just dropped, The Handmaid’s Tale, is just around the corner, coming to SBS on Thursday July 6. Game of Thrones drops on July 16 and Stranger Things is set to be released on Halloween, October 31.

If you want to relive the goodness that is UnReal seasons one and two, they are both currently streaming on Stan.

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