A photo of an unmarked police car with P-Plates has sparked outrage online.

A move by NSW Police over the Easter long weekend has some road users furious, after an unmarked police car on a NSW highway was disguised with green P-Plates.

Images of the car were shared to Facebook, in the group New South Wales Authority Exposed.

“NSW Undercovers busted trying to manipulate road users,” read a post on the group’s page.

“It plainly says in the legislation that the Police are not allowed to do this…”

Dozens of comments accused police of deceiving the public. “The low life HWY patrol do this regularly to try to fool the young ones and encourage street racing,” read one comment, while another said, “Break the law to catch Someone doing a few ks over the speed limit. Nsw cops are a joke.”

“I don’t know about N.S.W. but I do know that in Victoria you can be issued and infringement notice for displaying an “L” or “P” plate if the driver is not a learner or probationary driver,” wrote one man. 

Others still called the police “dirty dogs,” and “scallywags”.

Image via Facebook.

Several people, however, pointed out that there shouldn't be any issue with the police car's disguise if you're abiding by the law. Some comments also insisted there was no problem with the police car.

"Can anyone tell me where in the legislation it is prohibited from doing this?" wrote one man. "My understanding is they are able adopt any measures to disguise the fact that they are police provided it is not a safety hazard."

Indeed, 7 News reported that when they reached out for comment on the car, NSW Police said "the practice [of using P-plates] was not illegal".

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