Un-marked police car sparks outrage because of a sticker.

An unmarked police car in Surfer’s Paradise has sparked outrage around the country….all because of a sticker.

‘My Family’ stickers have become extremely popular over the last through years. Whether you’ve got four-kids-under-12 or are perfectly content with your fur-babies, thousands of Australian’s are decorating their rear-windows with the little, white stick figures representing their loved ones.

But it appears displaying adhesive relatives is not reserved for the general public.

Gold Coast local Jake Boehm spotted the unmarked police vehicle in Surfer’s Paradise at about 5am on Boxing Day. He snapped a photo and shared it on his Facebook, showing just how ‘cheeky’ the disguise was.

Image via Facebook/JakeBoehm

“I couldn’t believe how cheeky it was,” he told “So I grabbed a quick photo — the police asked what I was doing — I just let him know I was taking a photo.”

“I’m really overwhelmed with how many people have shared the photo.”

Mr Boehm’s image has been shared over 10,000 times.

Many Facebook users, including Mr Boehm, questioned the legality of the Hyundai i40’s disguise.

Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy from the Gold Coast Road Policing Unit told, “This is not one of the road policing unit cars — it would belong to the Surfers Paradise station, RAP or a detective.”

But having said that, the Senior Sergeant added,“there is nothing to stop overenthusiastic police adding extra disguises to their cars. It is left to their discretion.”

What do you think? Holiday revenue raising or a clever disguise?