There's a little-known Monopoly rule that changes everything and HOW DID WE NOT KNOW THIS?

Hi, hello. Welcome. Are you sitting down? Because what you are about to read will change your life. FOREVER.

Or at the very least, it will fundamentally change how you play the board game responsible for the irreparable breakdown of millions of relationships every year.

Yes, we’re talking about Monopoly.

Yes, the real estate game that should be fun because it involves fake money and cute miniature dogs and shoes and houses, but inevitably turns into the biggest family argument you had since Cousin Brad didn’t invite the entire family to his third wedding back in 2003.

In fact, here’s a live feed of a Monopoly game that’s going down RIGHT NOW:


There are lots of ~~unofficial~~ rules that go down during each game of Monopoly.

Like the one where all tax money is put in the middle of the board and given to the player who next lands on the ‘Free Parking’ space.

Or the one where the banker is allowed to steal a cheeky $500 every now and then when the other players aren’t looking. (Although that may just be me, because I really, really like winning…)

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But there's one rule that is actually printed in the game's official rules that is blowing the minds of players all over the world.

Twitter user Ruben has pointed out that the official rules state that if a player lands on a property they do not want to buy, it's then put up for auction for any and all players to bid on.

Since when is this a thing? Image via Getty.

Yep, that means the player who landed on the property can bid for the space at a super low, budget price of approximately three plates of smashed avocado.


Of course, because this seems like one of those FAKE NEWS things we keep hearing about, Twitter asked for proof, and it turns out this rule has totally been there the whole time.


While most of the world attempts to recover from this earth-shattering news, there's a small proportion who was aware of these rules all along.

The person, who works in the Mamamia office shall remain nameless, said they believed every single Monopoly owner knew of this mysterious auction rule.

"This is literally how I have played the game my entire life," she said.

"Why don't people read the rules? That's by far the best part of any Monopoly game... you know, the 2-3 hours it takes to read every single official suggestion for game play."

When asked if following the rule made the game any less... problematic.... for playing with close friends and family, she responded, "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative."

It seems as though the Internet can agree on one positive thing about the rule, though: it surely makes the game go a lot faster.

Maybe we can finally finish that game we started with the family three Christmases ago (but Cousin Brad is still not welcome..)