The most popular "bogan" baby names that are completely adorable.

The world of unique baby names has gone mad. MAD, I tell you.

We’ve got colours (Blue), fruits (Apple), directions (North West), and even large bodies of water (Ocean, River, Lake).

With every bonkers celebrity baby name announcement, we can’t help but wonder when the tides will turn, and a new baby name trend will emerge.

Yep, Australia is the undisputed reigning leader when it comes to bogan baby names. From Frankenstein’d double-bangers (just add ‘lee’ onto any name, and you’re done), to straight-up inventions (Druzai), Australia also really likes to go with a phonetic name, just because, like, it’s roily roily different (Brynonee).

In fact, our sunburnt country is so prolific at choosing unique baby names, that Kidspot actually released their Top Aussie Bogan Names for 2016.

Here are some of our favourites that we would LOVE to see go worldwide.

Listen to baby name guru, Sabrina Rogers-Anderson discuss the pitfalls of bogan baby names on our parenting podcast This Glorious Mess. (Post continues below)


One letter away from ‘Bogan’. We rest our case.


The ‘C’ had to go.

Top baby names and their meaning. (Post continues after video)



An interesting play on Jason.


Would be shorted to ‘Jazza’ in mere days. Trust.


The double ‘I’ is the killer.


Like ‘Lee’, adding the suffix of ‘Lyn’ onto just about any Aussie name is standard procedure.


Mum wanted Cheryl, Dad wanted Geraldine. They compromised.


Anyone with this name is facing a lifetime of spellcheck fury.


Unique. You-nique. Ok, we get it.

And, if you’re ever in doubt, just go with Shazza, Dazza, Bazza, or Gazza.



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