Uni student submits assignment while drunk. Has serious day after remorse.

University: the perfect place to cut loose and remind everyone your tolerance for alcohol is still… not great.

Loose unit Uni student McKenna Clark proved to her professor she has a way to go after submitting an essay while blind drunk.

It has a positive start: her name and the date but it descends into total chaos before she signs off with: “love you”.

No, please do. I’ve read the tweet six times and I’m still laughing.


Clark realised her mistake in the morning but decided to share it with the world anyway.

Because she was probably still drunk.

“PSA: Don’t write papers hammered and then turn them in like me,” she wrote on Twitter.

The ‘public service announcement’ has generated more than 100,000 likes with 35,000 retweets.

Friend Kaylee Krueger was kind enough to share an image of the student’s boozing antics as proof of her intoxication.

There is no further information yet about Clark’s mark on the paper but we are giving it a high distinction.

Feature image via Twitter.