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Conditions at Nauru harshly condemned

1. Asylum seeker report

The United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees has released two damning reports calling on the Federal Government to stop sending asylum-seeker children to the detention centres. It singled out the Nauru centre in particular, saying it is rat-infested, cramped, and very hot.

The UNHCR report says that only one asylum seeker on Nauru has had a refugee claim processed in the past 14 months, and warns that a processing logjam may see asylum seekers stuck in the centres for years.

In related news the Asylum seeker family fighting to keep their premature baby in Australia were in court yesterday. For more information on this read this posts here: Asylum seeker family in court.

2.  TV presenter with breast cancer

Some more concerning news for US television presenter Amy Robach who discovered she had breast cancer after an on-air mammogram.

Robach has revealed doctors found a second, undetected malignant tumour while in surgery last week.

It was only through the mastectomy that she discovered it. Her cancer had spread to her sentinel lymph node so she says she will have more treatments ahead of her.

3. Spying scandal

The Indonesian President’s tweet last night

Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has spoken three days after receiving Tony Abbott’s letter saying Mr Abbott has committed not to take any action in the future to damage relations between the two countries and calling for calm on the issue.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan has confirmed the dispute with Australia has accelerated his country’s desire to source beef from other countries.

 4. Tiger Attack

A tiger has attacked a trainer at Australia Zoo. Dave Styles, who has worked with this particular tiger since he was a cub, was grabbed and dragged into the pool inside the tiger enclosure.

He was bitten on the neck while in the water, suffering several puncture wounds near vital blood vessels and significant blood loss. He is said to be in a stable condition in Royal Brisbane Hospital.

The Zoo has reported that the Tiger is just fine!

4. Women’s sex lives

In a revealing snap shot of women’s sex lives a new report in the UK has shown a young women these days is likely to lose her virginity aged 16. The average female now has eight partners during her lifetime. They are also four times more likely to experiment with other women than they were two decades ago. But overall, they found that adults are now having sex less frequently than they were ten years ago.

Shockingly, the latest study also revealed that one in ten women have been forced to have sex against their will at some point during their lives.

The accused, Simon Gittany with his new partner Rachelle Louise

5. Balcony murder

Accused murderer Simon Gittany is set to find out his fate today, with a Sydney judge about to rule on whether he threw his fiancee off a balcony.


More to come.

6. Facebook warning

A UK coroner has warned of the dangers of Facebook after a student, 19, targeted by young women bullies online hanged himself.

Meanwhile a 14-year-old Italian girl was allegedly gang raped after a classmate hijacked her Facebook profile to post that she was ‘available to anyone’. Four men have been arrested over the incident.

If you or a member of your family need help, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

7. Population Stats

The latest projections from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows Australia’s population will double in the next 60 years from just under 23 million people to 46 million by 2075.

8. Rape charges for Football town

Four adults in the US State of Ohio were indicted on Monday by a grand jury looking into the cover-up of a rape of a 16-year old girl (and another of the rape of a 14 year old girl) that drew international attention and outrage because students recorded it on social media but did not alert the authorities. For our coverage of the rape earlier on in the year see this post.

 9. Nigella accused of drug use

Nigella Lawson accused of drug use

Charles Saatchi has accused his ex-wife Nigella Lawson of being off her head on cocaine that she let staffers steal money, a court has heard. Her ex staffers are set to stand trial to face fraud charges from their time working as assistants to the pair.

10. Amanda Knox

Italian prosecutors have asked for a 30-year prison sentence for former US student Amanda Knox. Prosecutors at the trial also requested that her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito be given 26 years, saying the punishment should be harsher for Knox because she initially accused someone else of the crime.

 11. How to fight your baby

A video showing a father performing a series of wrestling moves on his baby son has gone viral hours after being posted online.

The clip has provoked mixed reaction from viewers, with some condemning it as dangerous and disgusting.

In Brief:

Former NRL star Craig Field will stand trial for an alleged one-punch murder in a pub fight last year.

The former lead singer of British rock band Lostprophets has pleaded guilty to a series of sexual offenses, including trying to rape a baby.

Indian dentist couple have been given a life sentence for slitting the throats of their teenage daughter and a servant

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