The most unfashionable names for Australian babies right now.

Please don’t be offended if your name is on this list.

Recently there was a story about the name Gary dying out in England, and it got us thinking: what perfectly good names are dying out in Australia?

So we did a bit of research, and we came up with 10 boys’ names and 10 girls’ names that used to be hot and now are most definitely not. These 20 names were all popular in Australia in the not-too-distant past. You would know people with these names. You might even have one of them yourself. I went to school with so many kids who were called these names that I was constantly hearing the wail, “Which Sharon? Which Leanne?”

But in recent years, not one of these names has been making the Australian top 500. Few of them have even been reaching the top 1000. It’s quite possible that a couple of them aren’t being given to any babies at all.

Hot new names have taken their place. A boy born in Australia nowadays is more likely to be called Boston or Banjo than Brett, Diesel than Neville. A baby girl is more likely to be called Serenity or Sahara than Susan, Miley than Kylie.

"They called you WHAT?"

It's not like every name that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s is now hopelessly out of fashion. Michael and James and Matthew, Rachel and Sarah and Elizabeth... they're still being given to kids today. And of course there are plenty of vintage names that are big now, like Oscar and Archie, Olive and Gracie.

So if your name is on this list, don't despair. It might be fashionable again in another 50 years. Or maybe another 100...

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see the names that are so so familiar but on the way out. 

Which of these names would you be sad to see die out?

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