24 women on the unexpected pregnancy symptoms no one tells you about.






Changing shoe sizes. A superhuman sense of smell. Postpartum bleeding.

There are a lot of things women don’t expect when they fall pregnant for the first time. Most think their pregnancies will be the exact opposite of those of women in movies – you know, the people who barely break into a sweat when they go into labour?

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Avène. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

In reality, pregnancy and labour is very different. And to prove that, we went on Facebook recently and we asked our readers: “What were the unexpected pregnancy symptoms you didn’t realise happened until you WERE pregnant?”

Their answers were amazing. Here’s a taste:

1. “That you can never laugh, sneeze or cough again without wetting your pants.” – Mishelle.

2. “The constant splattered stains on my shirts where my belly caught dropped food…brought to my attention what a messy eater I am…apparently those droppings used to just land on the floor!” – Jaynie

3. “That morning sickness was so debilitating you’d lose weight and end up taking your duvet to the bathroom to get some rest” – Fiona

4. “Pre natal depression. And almost no sympathy from the world around me, because if you get depressed it’s supposed to happen after.” – Susanne

5. “Crazy sense of smell. Like, superhuman.” – Frances

6. “Can’t believe no-one has said it! Better Sex!!!” – Liz


7. “Hyperenesis (severe morning sickness 24/7 for 9 months) you think I would have learnt after the first pregnancy. But I had 4 kids.” – Narelle

8. “I didn’t realise I would bleed after for a week until I had the baby lol. The lil things no one talks about!” – Natasha

9. “Shoe size going up and not going down again. Lost years worth of beautiful shoes.” – Brianna

10. Patchy brown skin! I developed a skin condition called malasma on my forehead, cheeks and nose. There was nothing I could do to make it disappear… – Vanessa

11. “It was Easter and I discovered I was pregnant and had such a dislike for chocolate. It just tasted so Wrong!!! For a chocoholic it was very strange – the whole pregnancy chocolate was out.” – Karen

12. “How interesting the credits at the end of a TV show are – great place to look at names.” – Karen

13. “How happy I would become by just knowing I had created a life inside me…” – Robyn

14. “Uncontrollable laughter!” – Melanie

15. “Baby hiccuping while I was in meetings and it made me giggle and my tummy jump. It was very funny when the company president scuttled out if the room in fear the baby was going to arrive then and there!” – Melissa

16. “My nipples tripling in size and darkening!” – Nicole

17. “The position of the baby impacting sleep…….. tiny feet in my ribs!!! Or with the second having a baby press on your bladder and you feel as though you are busting but you go and nothing !!!!” – Vanessa


19. “My skin! My skin! I developed the pregnancy mask.” – Pricilla

20. “The influence over food etc. I could not get enough of apples, muesli and nesquick. The food I onced adored, repulsed me and how a simple pesto with spaghetti would leave me vomiting.” – Sally

21. “The difficulty and pain associated with breast feeding and the debilitating sleep deprivation.” – Jacqui

22. “Stretch marks, tummy and boobs- had no idea until too late . 5 babies later……” – Cheryl

23. ” I think I can remember my hubby saying to me, “I wish you could be pregnant forever, that way your boobs will always be THAT size.”!” – Rhonda

24. “Libido sky rocketing..and labour pain…unimaginable but so worth it” – Emma

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Did you have any unexpected pregnancy symptoms to add to the list?