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The undies that three Mamamia team members are obsessed with.

Thanks to our brand partner, Modibodi

“Convenient” isn’t usually a word we associate with periods, but for most women, they’re simply a fact of life. Unfortunately, when nice clothes or freshly washed sheets and our times of the month combine, the result has the potential to be a little messy (sometimes with a side serving of embarrassment).

That’s why three Mamamia writers turned to the technology of Modibodi’s underwear. They’re designed to empower women by offering a range of styles to help with sweat, light bladder leaks, period leaks, spotting, discharge and odour. They’ve even thought of mums as far as creating bras that can combat breast milk leaks. Nice. 

After their week-long trial with Modibodi, this is what our writers had to say about their new-found holy grail undies:

The need: Spotting.


“Taking your brand new undies out for a whirl a day or two after your period seems to have ended is a dangerous game. It’s a game I’ve inadvertently played more times than I care to admit, because somehow I’m still in denial that spotting is a thing. As owners of vaginas everywhere know, it is indeed a thing and a very inconvenient one at that.

When I first heard about Modibodi’s undies, it sounded too good to be true. I can actually risk leaving the house without tampons or liners and just… live my life without consideration of all the times my body has betrayed me in the past? Skepticism aside, I gave it a shot.

When the spotting eventually started up again (because of course it did), it was a non-event. I almost didn’t notice it had happened until I went to the bathroom. I inspected the super slim liner part of the underwear for leakage. Nothing.


"I can actually risk leaving the house without tampons or liners." Image: iStock.

The pretty pink exterior was completely unharmed. Oh, you didn’t think period undies could be pretty? That’s another thing I was wrong about. Whether you’re into lacy styles, classic briefs or something a bit cheeky, you’re covered.

Made from soft, odour-reducing bamboo jersey fabric and featuring a variety of absorbency options depending on your needs, Modibodi undies can keep me covered whether I’m avoiding wasting panty liners, or just trying not to wreck my clean bed sheets despite wearing a pad as large as a surfboard.

Yep, underwear that’s breathable, slim and antibacterial can be cute. Now excuse me while I click ‘add to cart’ on the Classic Boyleg 5 pack.”


The need: Gym session.


“Women have a lot to deal with when it comes to being physically active. There’s making sure the ‘girls’ stay put, figuring out a way to keep your hair off your face while bouncing through an hour of cardio and questions of ‘how do I make sure my ankles hold up after 10 years of netball?’ And that’s all before you even get to the gym.

Once you’re there, there’s a whole new set of problems. Walking into my first class was an induction to the world of active wear: printed tights and matching singlets with colourful sneakers seemed to be the norm. A pair of shorts and an old T-shirt will do fine, I thought.

But I didn’t give much consideration to the most important components of workout wear: my underwear.

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Welcome to the world of active wear. Image: iStock.

Sure, we all know the value of a great workout bra (or two, in my case.) But it wasn’t until my first run that I realised how important supportive undies really are. I could barely get to the end of the street with the wedgie I was sporting, let alone the full three km I was planning to do.

And then there’s the peeling off of your second skin post-workout. There’s nothing pleasant in trying to push sweat-drenched undies off of you before you get into the shower, especially if you’ve worked out on your lunch break and a shower isn’t an option.

So when I was given a pair of Modibodi Active to trial, I was relieved to say the least. I got through a cardio workout without having to de-wedgie myself once, and I was surprised to find that they remained dry throughout my session, even though the rest of me was drenched in perspiration.

After some intensive weight training, there were no sweat patches on the bench to be seen. Absorbent, comfortable and supportive: what else could you ask for?”

The need: Pregnancy.


"Thirty-eight weeks or so into my third pregnancy - I don’t mind conceding that if anyone is suited to trying performance underwear, it’s me. Though some mothers may not like to talk about it, bladder leakage can happen at any time, late in pregnancy and in the months following birth. It happens most often when laughing, sneezing, picking up your older children, or... just breathing.


The joys of motherhood, right?

Between the caring for two mischievous toddlers, and keeping my third-trimester bump aloft, there’s little time for the inconvenience a weakened pelvic floor can inflict. Breathable, slim, antibacterial underwear that locks in all the moisture yet keeps me dry all day? It was certainly worth a try.

"Though some mothers may not like to talk about it, bladder leakage can happen at any time, late in pregnancy and in the months following birth." Image: Supplied.


I opted for the Maternity Lace Boyleg, which sits lower than the Classic Bikini and Full Brief styles, allowing room for my burgeoning baby bump. My first thought was the genius of using bamboo jersey fabric.

My underwear drawer has long consisted solely of microfibre underwear, as I have noticed that regular cotton usually leads to the dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line). Soft yet elastic, Modibodi has managed both a breathable, comfortable underwear with no VPL to be seen.

Along with the lack of VPL, I was particularly thrilled to discover that the inbuilt absorbent liner of these undies is only millimetres thick and feels like it's barely there.

I really have to thank the Aussie mum who, based on her own knowledge and experience, helped to design these wonder-garments. Sometimes the real experts are the people who have gone through it all.

Speaking of experience, I eventually got the chance to test the effectiveness of the liner in an all-too-common fashion – I sneezed... Standing there, in the centre of a crowded room, I stilled myself for the familiar feeling of discomfort that accompanied such situations – and nothing.

No feeling of fabric clinging to me. No leaks through my pants. No need to stand motionless making pointed looks at my husband from across the room. Amazing.

I’ve since found out Modibodi also make absorbent breastfeeding singlets. I’m on the way to becoming fanatical."

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This post was brought to you with thanks to Modibodi