"I'm sorry you're getting a very different mum to your sister!"

To my Littlest Babe,

You’re due in just a few weeks and I am so super excited to meet you, but I feel like I already have a few apologies to make (okay maybe a lot) and you haven’t even arrived yet. But I want you to know I am truly sorry and it doesn’t mean we love you any less, so I hope you can forgive me for my following neglects.

I’m sorry I forgot to take my prenatal vitamins that I took religiously with your sister. As well as the iron tablet script I didn’t get filled even though my levels are apparently “shockingly low” – I kind of forgot.

I’m sorry I ate eggs benny every weekend, that I had sushi for lunch and a Macca’s Sundae for dessert and that I haven’t given up my daily coffee addiction like I did with your sister. You totally enjoyed it though right?

Your sister Belle. Image via Instagram @houseofwhite_

I'm sorry that you're always being poked, kicked or squished by your sister. I promise it's accidental.

I'm sorry I've missed almost half my anti-natal appointments; those same appointments I was itching to get to every single time just to hear your sister’s heartbeat - I still love hearing your little heartbeat when I actually make it to the appointments.

I'm sorry you don't yet have a nursery to come home to and your only weeks away, when your sisters room was furnished and styled ready for her pretty much the day I found out she was coming. If all else fails, I have a washing basket (jks jks).

Image via Instagram @houseofwhite_

I'm sorry I haven't bought you any new clothes, and that your entire wardrobe consists of your sister hand-me-downs - I promise they're still in fashion!

I'm sorry you weren't showered in gifts or have a watermelon carved out like a baby in pram dedicated to you like your sister. But I promise she will shower you in love and affection and push you around in her dolls pram to make up for it as she cannot wait to meet you, just like us.


I'm sorry I had a cheeky half glass of wine once or twice (don't tell your dad) but Lord help me do you know what it's like being pregnant with a toddler - mumma had to, I'm sorry.

Our first selfie. You, your sister and I. Image via Instagram @houseofwhite_

And I'm sorry I'm happy for you to stay in my belly as long as you like. I am so excited to meet you but at the same time happy for you to bake a little longer as I mentally prepare. It's kind of true, you are less work in the womb.

But despite my failings as a parent a parent before you've even entered the world, none of this is a reflection of how much we already love you and how excited we are to meet you, my Littlest Babe. We feel we have learned so much and we hope it's a privilege to have more 'experienced parents'.

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And while we may be less-neurotic parents this time, we cannot wait to just enjoy the ride and worry less and cherish our time more.

Love Mum, Dad and your big sister Belle.

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