"He did all kinds of unpleasant things." Uma Thurman is ready to talk about Harvey Weinstein.

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Uma Thurman is angry and ready to talk.

After several months of saying she would reveal her sexual harasser, the Kill Bill star has detailed how Harvey Weinstein forced himself on her in a London hotel.

In a New York Times article by Maureen Dowd, Thurman also says she holds her agents at the firm Creative Artists Agency (CAA) responsible.

Thurman tells how, after the success of Pulp Fiction, “the bathrobe came out” when Weinstein asked her to meet him at his Paris hotel and then led her to the steam room, which she quickly exited.

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Not long after, she met him at the Savoy Hotel in London, where she alleges, “He pushed me down. He tried to shove himself on me. He tried to expose himself. He did all kinds of unpleasant things. But he didn’t actually put his back into it and force me”.

In the interview Thurman described how she felt “ultimately compliant” during the sexual assault.

“I tried to say no, I cried, I did everything I could do. He told me the door was locked but I never ran over and tried the knob. When I got home, I remember I stood in front of the mirror and I looked at my hands and I was so mad at them for not being bloody or bruised.

“Something like that tunes the dial one way or another, right? You become more compliant or less compliant, and I think I became less compliant.”

Thurman returned to the hotel soon after and threatened to expose what he had done, but instead Weinstein said he would ruin her career so she recounted.

Thurman said she feels bad that so many women were later abused by Weinstein and that in some way, they may have trusted him because actresses like herself were willing to work with him.


“The complicated feeling I have about Harvey is how bad I feel about all the women that were attacked after I was,” Thurman explained to Dowd.

“I am one of the reasons that a young girl would walk into his room alone, the way I did. Quentin used Harvey as the executive producer of ‘Kill Bill,’ a movie that symbolizes female empowerment. And all these lambs walked into slaughter because they were convinced nobody rises to such a position who would do something illegal to you, but they do.”

Thurman also described feeling “split” because she was both a victim and a part of the cover-up.

But by Thanksgiving last year, Thurman was getting ready to finally expose Weinstein. She Instagrammed a screen shot of her “roaring rampage of revenge” monologue from Kill Bill and wished everyone a happy holiday, “(Except you Harvey, and all your wicked conspirators — I’m glad it’s going slowly — you don’t deserve a bullet) — stay tuned,” she added.


Weinstein confirmed to the New York Times that he had apologised to Thurman at the time for what he called “misreading her signals”. CAA apologised recently to clients who were “let down”.

Thurman also described how working with Quentin Tarantino on Kill Bill left her feeling devastated after a dangerous stunt driving scene.

Though Tarantino had confronted Weinstein on her behalf, Thurman was shaken by his demands on her during the shoot and felt she was in danger driving the modified Karmann Ghia. Thurman says the seat wasn’t screwed down properly when the car drifted off the road and smashed into a palm tree.

Miramax would only show her the footage of the accident if she signed a release from liability, which she refused.

“When they turned on me after the accident,” she told Dowd, “I went from being a creative contributor and performer to being like a broken tool.”

After 15 years, she finally succeeded in getting the footage back from Tarantino that could help her prove what happened on the set. But she said that offered little comfort as she still suffers from neck and knee damage.

“Harvey assaulted me but that didn’t kill me,” she said. “What really got me about the crash was that it was a cheap shot. I had been through so many rings of fire by that point.”

Weinstein’s rep did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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