Joyful: All your favourite movie dance scenes in less than 5 minutes.


From the YouTube genius who brought you “Dog Fetch Fails” comes this new and fantastic outing in online time-wastage.

A five minute long video mash-up of all your favourite movie dance scenes.

Basically, it’s every famous dance scene combined to create the greatest music video to ever grace the Internet. (I apologise for the hyperbole, but it’s pretty ok) Including, but not limited to:

That time those scallywags from The Breakfast Club got high and got down in the school library.

When Sandi and Danny declared the ones that they wanted at the end of year fete.

When those plastic mean girls got extra nasty at Christmas time.


And I haven’t even told you the best part yet. The whole thing is synced to the extended club mix of Men Without Hat’s “Safety Dance” because of course it is.

Thanks again, the Internet. Never stop being that magical online wonderland where every unnecessary brilliant thing I could have conceived of has probably already been created by an unemployed Redditor

Every body look at your hands.